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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bye-bye, Europa

Do Telegraph:

Escaping the stress of clogged roads, street violence and loss of faith in Holland's once celebrated way of life, the Dutch middle classes are leaving the country in droves for the first time in living memory.

The new wave of educated migrants are quietly voting with their feet against a multicultural experiment long touted as a model for the world, but increasingly a warning of how good intentions can go wrong.

Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the pin-up countries for those craving the great outdoors and old-fashioned civility.

Observem que eles não estão mudando para a Alemanha ou Inglaterra. Quero visitar a Europa, antes que acabe.

PS: a notícia acima menciona o assassinato do político Pim Fortuyn. Fui procurar notícias sobre ele e encontrei esta: "Los holandeses eligen al xenófobo Pim Fortuyn el `holandés más grande de todos los tiempos´". Não é político, nem mesmo "político de extrema-direita", é xenófobo.
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