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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Dia da consciência negra

Walter Williams: “History is not going to be kind to liberals. With their mindless programs, they've managed to do to Black Americans what slavery, Reconstruction [o período após a Guerra Civil], and rank racism found impossible: destroy their family and work ethic."

Thomas Sowell: “Those who pose as the biggest champions of the poor are almost invariably the biggest opponents of means tests. They want bigger government and the poor are just a means to that end. Whether the issue is housing, medical care or innumerable other things, the argument will be made that the poor are unable to get some benefit that the government ought to provide for them. But the minute you accept that, the switch takes place and suddenly we are no longer talking about some benefit confined to the poor but about "universal health care" or "affordable housing" as a "right" for everyone."

Charles Mingus:“Let my children have music! Let them hear live music. Not noise. My children! You do what you want with your own!”

“Good jazz is when the leader jumps on the piano, waves his arms, and yells. Fine jazz is when a tenorman lifts his foot in the air. Great jazz is when he heaves a piercing note for 32 bars and collapses on his hands and knees. A pure genius of jazz is manifested when he and the rest of the orchestra runaround the room while the rhythm section grimaces and dances around their instruments.”

Clarence Thomas
, juiz da Suprema Corte: “I was rejected by every law firm in Atlanta... I watched my dream of going back to Savannah evaporate. It didn't seem to matter that I had tried so hard. (...) Today as the fabric of society is saturated with complaint and protest, each of you has the opportunity to be a hero. Do what you know must be done."

“What does it mean to sell out? It was difficult for me to go to work for a Republican [in the Missouri Attorney General's Office]. I was born and raised a Democrat, but to go and do it and be in the Attorney General's Office, that meant [to some people] keeping blacks in jail. (...) If the price to be treated better is to be dishonest, that is a Faustian bargain to me."

Reparação de cu é rola.

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